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Hi - Greg Gunther here. I am a business coach and Certified SYSTEMologist® who knows first hand the elation of business success and the desperation of failure. It has been far from an overnight success, but it has given me the background experience to help business owners fast-track their own success.I understand the challenges business owners face and develop achievable, practical solutions. Together with Joshna Daya, I co-founded a successful business coaching business - Your Business Momentum.Recently we have seen many business owners enduring high stress levels in these uncertain times. Having experienced many of my own personal and professional ups and downs, successes, and failures, I have learned there is always a solution to every problem. I feel very gifted these life learnings have equipped me with an ability to connect with business owners, from all walks of life.I understand that a business owner’s greatest fear is failure. This is an incredible weight of pressure and I am so passionate about removing this fear. I understand this better than most - as many years ago I did fail.I had to make a choice and was determined that this would not define me. I stood back up and spent the next 17 years building a business that resulted in a very successful sale. Over the last decade I have been coaching and supporting business owners spanning across 20+ industries.In my over 30 years of small business the 3 key issues I find facing us as business owners are:1. Attracting and retaining the right people2. Cash flow and profit margins are really tight3. Knowing how my business is performingSince selling my business in 2007 we have developed our programs and services specifically to:1. Provide clarity on what needs to be done and the resources we need to do it with2. Get very clear on the metrics we need to measure and monitor regularly3. Have the systems and processes needed that provide complete business reliabilityMy fundamental belief is that life and business do not need to be at polar opposites. That ultimately we make it harder than it needs to be. I know how to connect with business owners to bring out the raw emotion of business ownership and am passionate about showing you how to turn business struggles into success. I share how to not only dream big but how to achieve real results personally and professionally.


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