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Quickly create training in one central location.

Save time and money by easily automating the entire learning process. With Trainual, you no longer have to store files in scattered locations via Dropbox, Google Docs, and email. Streamline your training and scale your team with our state-of-the-art learning management system.


Beautiful and easy-to-use content editor.

You have complete control over how your training content looks and feels. Upload documents, images, files, videos, and even record screencasts on the fly with our intuitive WYSIWYG editor. Paste in code snippets for development teams.


Set up your entire team in minutes.

Onboard all of your users and assign learning in less than 15 minutes. Then get a detailed learning record for every learner, to gain insight on where they struggled and where they succeeded.


Robust curriculum distribution.

Ramp up an employee efficiently by assigning an entire training program with a single click. And each time course materials get updated, Trainual reminds the learners to come back to review the updated content.


Immediate alerts and reminders.

Your learners receive a gentle reminder that they have new knowledge to absorb, so you don't have to constantly pester them.


Stunning visual reports.

Know exactly where your organization stands with learning, and keep tabs on individual learner feedback and progress. Guarantee that the required knowledge has been transferred quickly and consistently.


Track every learning activity.

Keep an official record of all your organizations' learning activities from day one. This helps you stay in compliance with internal audits, reduce liabilities, and reduce insurance costs.


Assess your learners' performance.

Bring your learning to life with tests. Quizzes reinforce knowledge and increase retention. Set minimum scores required to pass and maximum amount of attempts. Gain insight on where each employee excels and needs additional assistance.


Performance support via Q&A knowledge base.

Through Trainual's internal Q&A board, employees can ask questions, and others can help out. This collectively creates a knowledge database and a performance support system that employees can quickly reference to find the right information, right when they need it!


Automate and centralize your training

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