Why Trainual?

Reduce ramp-up time. Increase productivity. Increase revenue.

Cut Training Costs

Streamline your onboarding process and cut down on training time. Our process allowed our customers to reduce time-to-productivity by 75%.

Consistent Knowledge Distribution

Ensure no important information is left out and that everyone is on the same page. Create a 24/7 resource your employees have access to for when you aren’t available.

Reduce Liability

Proper training leads to fewer mistakes. Equip your employees with better knowledge and protect your business.

Who it's for

Is Trainual the right fit for us?

Do you have a high employee turnover?

Companies using Trainual cut down onboarding costs and reduce turnover.

Don't have a formal training process?

Give your employees the proper guidance to ramp up on fundamentals.

Are you a growing business?

Thinking of scaling? The first step is to document your ways! It makes training a breeze later on.

Do your employees need to comply to strict industry regulations and earn certifications?

Prepare and certify your employees on the most critical aspects of your business’ operation.

Automate and centralize your training

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